Discounted brand-new cars on affordable monthly leases and finance

Being able to offer a fantastic benefits package to your staff is everyone’s goal but the reality of making it happen can be very different. With a wide range of ages and personalities across most organisations, finding something to suit everyone can be difficult. Traditional benefits are well established, but finding exciting, new services from the thousands of options can be massively time consuming and confusing.

2017 is the time to broaden your horizons away from traditional benefits, and in a new direction away from the expensive, demanding offerings provided by salary sacrifice, towards new voluntary benefits. Your staff, and importantly, their friends and family too, can take advantage of exciting modern benefits such as that offered by Affinity Leasing, which specialises in offering discounted brand-new cars on affordable monthly leases and finance.

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With no set-up costs, no minimum company size and getting up and running with virtually no input from your organisation, this type of benefit is a great way of adding value to your employee benefits package with no downside. Your employees can drive a heavily discounted car to suit their personal and professional needs, pay no Benefit In Kind tax, and all at no exposure to the company.

Contact Michelle Howles on 01299 269521 or email [email protected] to discuss how this scheme could benefit your employees