DHL, Cisco and Saint-Gobain among happiest workplaces across the globe

DHL Cisco happiest workplaces
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Logistics business DHL, digital communications firm Cisco and materials manufacturer Saint-Gobain have been named as some of the happiest workplaces across the globe.

The list, which was compiled by Happy Workplaces, a provider in enhancing workplace happiness, was derived from a meta-analysis of 16,829 employers across 236 different workplace rankings and features the top 819 happiest workplaces across 23 countries.

It also analysed the stock exchanges in the USA, UK, Germany, France and Canada, with the findings highlighting that employers which focus on workplace happiness financially outperform their peers.

When looking at how the organisations on the Happy Workplaces list compare with major market indexes from 2010 to 2024, the provider found that recognised firms in the USA earned $688.70 (£542), exceeding the S&P 500’s $457.10 (£359.74), while in the UK, they achieved £168.60, surpassing the FTSE 100’s £140.70.

In France, they returned €251.20 (£213.72), beating the CAC 40’s €204.30 (173.82), in Germany returns were €588.70 (£500.86), higher than the DAX’s €297.30 (£252.94), and in Canada they scored C$351.80 (£201.79), above the S&P/TSX Composite’s C$184.20 (£105.66).

The 10 happiest workplaces with the most extensive global coverage are:

  1. DHL – (operating in 19 countries)
  2. Cisco – (operating in 16 countries)
  3. Saint-Gobain – (operating in 16 countries)
  4. PepsiCo – (operating in 14 countries)
  5. Hilton – (operating in 13 countries)
  6. Amazon – (operating in 12 countries)
  7. Accenture – (operating in 10 countries)
  8. Teleperformance – (operating in 10 countries)
  9. Deloitte – (operating in nine countries)
  10. Ikea – (operating in nine countries)

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A Happy Workplaces spokesperson said: “In January 2014, Happy Workplaces set out to identify the happiest workplaces worldwide and understand what makes them unique. This is the first ever global workplace happiness list and the most comprehensive to date. Our list uniquely includes the happiest organisation from each sector, offering a true representation of the job landscape.

“This data confirms that investing in a happy workplace not only enhances employee wellbeing but also boosts financial performance. Employers that adopt happiness-driven strategies tend to see higher profits, proving that a focus on employee satisfaction is not just ethical, but also financially savvy.”