Designer Appliances looking to hire vacuum cleaner tester

Designer Appliances looking to hire vacuum tester

Something for the weekend: Designer Appliances is looking to hire a tester to review its new cordless vacuum cleaner.

After realising the incredible amount of stress that pet owners can be put under when carrying out day-to-day chores, the organisation thought it would be best to hire a pooch-owning applicant to test out its new cordless machine .

Dog-owners have a love-love relationship with their best friend, however, this does not come with hardship. One of the biggest sticking points is when their sneaky furry friend decides to attack the cord of the vacuum.

To put that to the test, applicants will need to master the impossible art of multi-tasking by videoing their dog, while using the new vacuum cleaner, while trying to stop their fur baby from attacking the monstrous machine. Thankfully this test of endurance only needs to last 60 seconds. Potential testers will also be asked to explain why their dog deserves a new vacuum buddy to play with.

The best man or woman for the job, will then be in charge of rating the new vacuums, comparing them to competitors models and giving them the thumbs up or down for noise levels, and will will be rewarded with $250 (£190) for their trouble which they can spend on themselves or spend on dog treats for their ‘colleague’.

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However, applicants need to be quick. Submissions must be received by 2 September 2020.

Here at Employee Benefits, we look forward to seeing this new entanglement between dog and vacuum cleaner.