Dechert to give newly qualified solicitors 3% pay rise

Dechert increases pay for newly qualified solicitors

Global law firm Dechert has increased the pay of its newly qualified solicitors in its London office, effective September 2020.

Employees will receive a 3% pay rise, increasing their basic salary from £116,000 to £120,00 per year, an increase of £4,000.

Dechert has taken a different approach to other law firms such as Clifford Chance and Linklaters, who have recently announced they are reducing the pay for newly qualified solicitors, and placing bonuses and pay reviews on hold. The organisation also did not make any pay cuts, furlough staff, or implement any redundancies during the Covid-19 (Coronvirus) pandemic.

At the height of the pandemic, the organisation appointed an internal parenting coach to lead sessions for working parents who found themselves homeschooling their children whilst working remotely. Additionally, Dechert launched an online health service to support employee health and wellbeing. Employees are able to access an online general practitioner service that can be accessed on their smartphones, to receive advice from a doctor or general practitioner if they are feeling unwell.

Alison Bernard, chief talent and HR officer at Dechert, said: “Trainee solicitors work as part of a global team to deliver excellent service and innovative thinking. We understand the importance of a strong and supportive culture. We believe that building community drives our success and creates an environment where people are respected, valued and empowered to do their best.

“Our people are what sets Dechert apart, and why clients, existing and new, turn to us to advise on their most important matters. We are looking for people who want to make a genuine contribution to our firm, to each other and to our clients. Joining Dechert means becoming part of a global community where we all work together to make a difference.”