Costco and Swissport among those yet to report pay gap data

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Retail organisation Costco and aviation business Swissport have not yet reported on their gender pay gaps for 2021–2022, despite having a legal obligation to do so, according to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

The two were among a total of 28 eligible organisations the EHRC found have yet to publish their gender pay gap data, the deadline for which was 4 April for private sector businesses in Britain.

Employers that do not meet the deadline receive formal enforcement action warning notices, such as investigations to determine if they are in breach of the law and an enforceable action plan to ensure they comply. If the action plan is not implemented, the EHRC can seek a court order to impose an unlimited fine.

British private sector organisations and English public bodies with 250 or more employees are legally required to report their gender pay gap information each year. English public sector employers have a deadline of 30 March, with British private and voluntary sector employers and some English public sector bodies required to publish by 4 April.

Marcial Boo, chief executive of the EHRC, said: “The pandemic has created greater challenges for many women in the workplace, making the case for gender equality at work even more pressing than before.

“The requirement on employers to report data on their gender pay gap helps them to understand any pay inequality and put measures in place to address it. Fairer workplaces attract staff and can lead to more engaged employees and higher productivity.

“As Britain’s equality regulator, we are charged with enforcing the law. I am pleased that, last year, 100% of employers in scope reported their pay data. We are writing again to those who are yet to comply this year and our job now is to take enforcement action where appropriate.”

Both Costco and Swissport have been contacted for comment.