Continuum Attractions trains mental health first aiders ahead of wellbeing month

Dorothy Stubbs Continuum Attractions

Visitor attraction organisation Continuum Attractions has trained 16 mental health first aiders as part of its new mental health awareness strategy.

The mental health awareness strategy, which launched this month (October 2019), aims to incentivise Continuum Attractions’ 450 employees to be aware of their own and each other’s mental health. This aligns with the organisation’s new people strategy, where mental health features as a key element.

As part of this approach, 16 employees across seven of the organisation’s national operating sites underwent a two-day training course with St John’s Ambulance in September 2019. The training covered both first aid and awareness, teaching participating employees how to spot mental health issues and how to manage associated situations and conversations appropriately. The qualified mental health first aiders wear a badge, so that other employees can easily identify them.

The mental health awareness strategy also includes a new wellbeing policy, as well as plans to introduce more training for managers, gratitude cards, special wellbeing edition newsletters and signposts for available support across all of Continuum Attractions’ locations.

In November 2019, Continuum Attractions is holding a wellbeing month, which will focus on both physical and financial health. For the first half of the month, employees will be encouraged to brainstorm how they can improve their physical fitness, whether this is via incentivised outdoor activities or through local gym discounts.

The second half of November will centre around financial wellbeing, with Continuum Attractions partnering with local financial advisers to offer staff confidential and independent help.

The mental health first aiders and awareness strategy will be promoted during the wellbeing month; it will also be communicated through Continuum Attractions’ online communications system.

Dorothy Stubbs (pictured), group head of people at Continuum Attractions, said: “People are at the heart of everything we do. Our guests are our lifeblood, of course, but so too are our on-site and support office teams, so we’re also ensuring that everyone is included within our plans to promote mental wellbeing.

“Our ethos is that we’re here to talk, whether that’s to our guests or team, to ensure everyone is aware that there is support and advice within Continuum [Attractions] if needed.

“Our spearheading of mental wellness within the [organisation] falls around the time of World Mental Health Day, which takes place on 10 October. We fully support any activity that promotes mental health awareness and our team is very supportive, recognising its importance within our health and safety routines, and within their daily lives.”