Churchill Group launches new wellbeing strategy for 466 employees

Facilities management organisation Churchill Group has launched a new wellbeing programme for its 466 employees.

The initiative, titled ‘WellMe’, was launched today (24 February 2020), and aims to promote staff wellbeing as a top priority for the organisation. It will encourage staff to make various changes throughout their working lives, aimed at supporting five pillars of wellbeing: be active; keep learning; give time, words and presence; connect; and take notice of simple things that give joy.

Small day-to-day changes being promoted to staff might include walking to meet someone rather than emailing, or learning a new skill. Churchill group plans to run various learning initiatives to help staff make changes in 2020.

To launch the strategy, Churchill Group is asking employees to complete an anonymous wellbeing survey; upon completion, every employee will receive a ‘path to wellness’ report, scoring their wellbeing and providing advice on how they can improve it.

The survey, which will be followed up at the start of 2021, will also help Churchill Group benchmark the effectiveness of the programme.

Lizzie Neave, group marketing and communications director at Churchill Group, said: “We are incredibly proud of our people here at Churchill. They are without a doubt our greatest asset, which is why we feel so strongly about supporting their needs. Our goal with WellMe is simply to help our employees be the best that they can be at all times, whether they are at work or at home.”

Andrew Broderick, group quality, health, safety and environment manager and sustainability director at Churchill Group, added: “We have worked hard to construct a plan that supports our staff across the wellbeing spectrum. We recognise our duty to support our employee wellbeing and the launch of WellMe is the exciting first step that we’re taking on this journey together.”