Golden retriever appointed chief comfort officer to support wellbeing of front-line staff

 Dog appointed as chief comfort officer to support wellbeing of front-line staff

Something for the weekend: A three-year-old golden retriever has been appointed as a chief comfort officer to support the wellbeing of front-line workers at HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake.

The dog conveniently named ‘Joy’ took on the role to bring joy and love to all front-line employees going through emotional hardship while battling the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Joy was brought on following on from a pawtnership with Lutheran Church Charities.

The experienced comfort officer has had over 1,000 hours of training and comes with a wealth of experience in cheering people up and getting them through a ruff day. Employees can let go of all the stress an anxiety by stroking her silky fur and seeing her tail wag.

However, to Coronavirus restrictions, Joy is only interacting with employees at the entrance of the hospital, but in due time, the pawfect people officer will be able to enter the hospital and help patients and families inside, as well as administering feel-good vibes to all of the care workers after a hard day at work.

Lisa Welty, director of nursing excellence at HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake, said: “She comes and the nurses absolutely love her. It just makes people happy. Her name is totally perfect for her.”

Stephanie Knea, a spokesperson at the Joy Comfort Dog Ministry and Lutheran Church Charities, added: “All the medical people that are working, we know that it is hard times right now. To be able to help in someway brings joy to our team as well. They all talk about her. I think that all the nurses know who Joy is in our hospital, and they’re so excited for that.”