Charterhouse sees 18% increase in staff happiness due to wellbeing programme

Charterhouse sees a 18% increase in staff happiness after wellbeing program

Accountancy firm Charterhouse has seen an 18% rise in employee happiness after holding a 10-week long health and wellbeing programme

The organisation surveyed its 31 employees prior to the launch, and following the end, of the programme, which was provided by Super Wellness. In addition to the rise in employee happiness, Charterhouse also saw a 35% increase in employees eating five portions of fruit and vegetable portions a day, a 39% increase in the number of employees doing three or more sessions of physical activity per week, a 48% decrease in the number of people consuming unhealthy snacks, such as crisps and chocolate, daily, and a 28% boost in job satisfaction. In addition, 14% of staff described their health as ‘good’ or ‘better’ following the end of the programme.

The programme, which was launched in May 2020, saw employees split into three teams who focused on improving their knowledge of key topics such as sleep, stress and brain health. Employees attended workshops through Zoom meetings to expand their knowledge in these three areas. 

Staff were also asked to submit posts, photos and videos of their experience to have a chance to win prizes such ‘best breakfast’, ‘most colourful plate’ and ‘best workout video’. Prizes included a magnesium lotion to help employees with sleep.

Rut Stefansdottir, HR manager at Charterhouse, said: “We were thrilled to sign up for the SuperWellness Challenge. Unaware of what else 2020 would bring, we committed to doing this because we’ve always been people-oriented and keen to invest in our workforce.

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“Then, just a week before we were due to start, lockdown hit us. But this challenge was all about our teams’ health and wellbeing in the longer term, so irrespective of whatever else was going on in the world, we were determined to follow through.

“This has been one of our greatest success stories. The results are amazing. The positive feedback from participants has encouraged us to continue working with SuperWellness on other follow-up programmes.”