Charlotte Ashdown: Are staff summer parties back on the agenda for 2022?

With the number of job vacancies currently exceeding the number of applicants across the UK, it is more important than ever for employers to focus on creating and maintaining a really strong culture, to engage their people and keep them motivated.  A party is the perfect opportunity to do this, and employers need to think big, as it is all about creating a cohesive and happy team and going the extra mile for people.

In fact, we have just had a Bongo Bier Keller party for all our people at our Wrexham headquarters, which was a replacement for the Christmas party that did not happen, owing to the pandemic. It had an apres ski style bar, amazing music, plenty of great food and drink, fairground rides, a photo booth, and bingo with fabulous prizes  Lots of people dressed up for the Bier Keller theme, our leadership team served the drinks and we all had a great time.

We are lucky in that the vast majority of our people are working back in the office now, with flexible shift systems to fit around their lives. Post lockdown, our people were really keen to get back to our award-winning offices and to enjoy the team spirit and camaraderie at Moneypenny.

Moneypenny is famous for its awesome parties and we are taking full advantage of the fact that these can now they can be held in person, so we can roll out the red carpet for our people, treating them like the celebrities that they are to us.  Ultimately, if you have happy people you will have happy clients.

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This summer, we have lots more eventsin the pipeline, such as an ice cream van outside the office on hot days, drinks in our onsite pub, The Dog and Bone, walks in the orchards around the office, cinema team trips and much more. It is also important to have ad-hoc, more informal staff events, which we continued to provide right through lockdown, such as online quizzes, team meals, or spot prizes for great work, as these are hugely appreciated by our people and show that you really care about them.

Charlotte Ashdown is people director at Moneypenny