Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion Week 2018: Food

By Chloe Deiulis, Content Marketing Manager 

We celebrated our first-ever Diversity & Inclusion Week at Reward Gateway. During the week, we explored the impact of gender-neutral parental leave and have given a couple ideas of how to think outside the box when it comes to diversity initiatives at work. We all also took part in team activities doing a Diversity Walk, which my colleague Cat will explain in more detail on the blog soon…

But now it’s time to explore everyone’s favourite subject: Food.

We announced an “RG Foodie Festival” during the Diversity & Inclusion Week, asking everyone to bring in foods reflective of their heritage – we saw foods and beverage that spanned the globe.

Click here to read more about the festival, see pictures and learn more about why its importance to us to celebrate Diversity & Inclusion Week at Reward Gateway.