Carnoustie Golf Links adopts mobile platform to increase employee engagement

Carnoustie Golf Links

Scottish golf resort Carnoustie Golf Links has adopted the use of a mobile platform, in an effort to increase employee engagement among its staff.

The platform, provided by StaffConnect and launched on 4 October 2018, is available to the resort’s 95 employees, the majority of whom are non-desk staff, including those responsible for maintaining the course.

The technology provides employees with the opportunity to suggest ideas for innovation and continued improvement, providing feedback through quizzes, surveys and polls. Carnoustie employees can also access key documents, training materials, employee profiles and contact information via the app.

The StaffConnect platform also provides analytics on employee communications and engagement goals, promotes organisational events via an online calendar, and offers the ability to recognise and reward employees via social media interactions.

The decision to adopt the new app was reached following internal feedback gathering about recent initiatives and changes. The organisation identified a need to improve transparency and create an inclusive, two-way communication channel capable of reaching and connecting the entire workforce.

Kierran Allardice, PR officer for Carnoustie Golf Links, said: “We came to the realisation that, if we wanted to build our brand and deliver the best possible experience to our global customer base, we needed a system dedicated to doing the same thing with our employees first, and that meant creating a strong connection with them through better communication.”

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The adoption of the platform was launched and communicated to employees through posters and an all-staff message from the organisation’s chief executive, Michael Wells.

Allardice said: “StaffConnect has a range of features designed to build an emotional connection with our workers, allowing us to continue to build on our cultural values and share individual team successes. We are proud to be an active leader in bringing this new paradigm to the workforce to more deeply connect, engage and promote the positive qualities of the organisation to, and through, our employees.”