Can employee recognition be as easy as a deck of cards?

By Debra Corey, Group Reward Director

Here’s a simple fact – employees feel more motivated when they receive a simple thank you. Surprised? Of course not, for as human beings gratitude is something we crave. And why not, think of how you feel when someone thanks you. Doesn’t it make you light up? Feel like you’re walking on a cloud? You get what I mean…

But it’s not just me, or you, that feels this way.

According to Reward Gateway’s recent survey, 70% of employees said a simple thank you would make them feel more motivated and help build morale.

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Then why don’t we just do it? If we know recognition will motivate and engage our employees, which in turn will help our companies, what’s stopping us? Well, I’ve worked for my share of companies over the years, so I know that sometimes it’s not always the easiest thing to do for a variety of reasons, which could include:

  • Managers don’t understand how to recognise
  • You don’t have a recognition budget
  • You don’t know where to start

To help you overcome these, Debra shares a programme she’s used at a few companies. Click here to read more.