Busy Bees Benefits: What will life after lockdown look like?

The last few months have been difficult for individuals, businesses and industries across the country. Even now, with lockdown restrictions being lifted, we know that the world of work and home life will never be the same.

The biggest difference between the world of work before and after the coronavirus pandemic is related to the state of the UK and the global economy. Many UK sectors are facing an economic crisis with businesses seeing a downturn in demand. Will this change in economic activity lead to a shift in how businesses buy their reward and benefit solutions? Is now the time to move away from expensive benefit platforms to simpler more cost-effective tech solutions?

It’s time for businesses to recognise that they can’t simply return to pre-pandemic reward assumptions. The future will be about creating new reward and recognition solutions to make sure that your benefits are aligned with the needs of employees and their new place in society.

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Employers need to take responsibility and actively support employees, whether that’s through employee assistance programmes (EAP), financial education, or other health and wellbeing services.

Find out more about what life after lockdown will look like.