Busy Bees Benefits: Reward & Recognition During COVID-19

The business challenges thrown up by the coronavirus pandemic for organisations are many, not least that remote working has moved from the exception to the norm.

However, aside from the practical aspects of putting in place safe distancing protocols and practices, businesses must now think about how they plan for and manage remote working employees and those on rotating shift patterns. You also must consider how to present these new working conditions as attractive to the workforce and how you can motivate and reward your people in these new circumstances to ensure that you get the best out of them.

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Recognition is a meaningful way to demonstrate to employees that you care about their work and wellbeing, even when they aren’t in the office or working at their desks. Remote employees are more likely to become disengaged with the business if they are not rewarded and communicated with. This is especially true when large numbers of people have shifted to remote work.

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