Busy Bees Benefits: Misconceptions about Private Medical Insurance

Would your business suffer if one of your key staff fell seriously ill? Could your business afford to wait whilst your employee waits for treatment on the NHS?

Your employees are the most important assets your business has. Looking after their health is crucial to the health of your business too. Private medical insurance allows your employees to receive medical attention quicker than if they were seen by the NHS. Your employees can choose where they are treated to ensure that their treatment fits into their existing schedules, and the insurance can even be extended to cover their family too.

There are many misconceptions about private medical insurance, which is why many businesses may feel that they don’t need to provide their employees with this type of cover. This includes:

  1. Private medical insurance only works for larger companies and not smaller ones
  2. We already have group critical insurance and that’s all the cover we need
  3. There’s a lot of admin work involved with making a claim

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In this article, we explore why these ideas are untrue. Private medical insurance as an offering can work well for all businesses, regardless of size and it is different to group critical insurance. As well as this, there is no additional work for you as an employer to make a claim, which means you can focus on running your business.

Find out more about the misconceptions about private medical insurance.