Busy Bees Benefits: How to Manage Your Teams to Avoid Employee Burnout

Over the last four months, we have faced new health and well-being challenges because of the stress and anxiety that have been caused by the corona virus and lock down.  The increased emotional stress has arisen for a range of reasons, which include:

  1. Difficulties in balancing work and home life
  2. Financial concerns around job security and the furlough process
  3. Coping with home schooling
  4. Trying to keep fit
  5. Feeling less connected to employers
  6. Social isolation
  7. Increased pressure of staying productive
  8. Anxiety about personal safety

As our working routines change and new work practices start to be implemented, now is the time to ensure that there is a new well-being support available to all employees. There is a range of benefits you may consider, which include:

  1. Employee assistance programmes
  2. Big white wall
  3. Cycle to work

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Managing the health and well-being of your employees is something you need to focus on. You should consider the needs of your employees and consider what support arrangements they need.

Find out more about managing your teams to avoid employee burnout.