Bupa Global and UK offers pregnancy support for staff

Bupa gives 6,500 dental care staff early access to payHealth insurance firm Bupa Global and UK has partnered with pregnancy charity Tommy’s to provide support around pregnancy and parenthood to its 23,000 UK employees.

Through the partnership, employees will be able to access to Tommy’s helpline, which is run by midwives to give advice to the pregnant person and partner. It also provides pregnancy and baby loss support to guide them, their partner and family through any difficult times.

The partnership offers materials, resources and communication aid to managers, including direct phone access for managers to talk to midwives about pregnancy and parenting at work, e-learning courses covering pregnancy, parenting, and how to support an employee through pregnancy, baby loss or pregnancy complications.

The initiative is part of the organisation’s commitment to ensuring all Bupa employees are supported and can bring their whole selves to work every day.

Tom Hoosen-Webber, people director at Bupa Global and UK, said: “Our employee offering is as diverse as our people, and we are committed to supporting them through all their life stages, including pregnancy and parenting. It’s also important that we are upskilling and training managers on how to effectively communicate and support employees affected by pregnancy and baby loss. It’s through partnerships like these we can break the stigma around baby loss and ensure our people are supported.”