Buck Consultants at Xerox launches Compass benefits portal

To help employers better support and steer employees’ career, health and wealth ambitions and needs, Buck Consultants at Xerox has launched ‘Compass’ a new one-stop-shop benefits portal.

Compass is an online portal that brings together everything a company offers its staff. The portal guides individuals on a journey through their whole benefits package, allowing them to achieve better outcomes in the short and longer term.

“People today are used to organising almost every aspect of their lives online. They search information, shop on their mobiles, interact on social media; all at a time that suits them,” explained John Deacon, head of Corporate Solutions, Buck Consultants at Xerox.

“Compass enables employees to plan and track everything to do with their benefits and rewards wherever they are; at work, on the move, or at home. They can view, assess and manage the mix of their package based on their career and stage in life”.

Compass presents employees with a complete overview of their total reward from their employer, showing all their financial and non-financial benefits. The portal can be tailored quickly and easily to employers’ specific programmes, giving employees relevant information and support to make effective choices. It includes modelling and monitoring tools to enable people to plan effectively for their future, as well as the freedom to make selections and put decisions into action.

Employers have the option to adapt Compass with any number of features and functions

  • Pension and savings – including learning tools, retirement income modellers, and pensions plan administration
  • Health, risk and wellness – bringing together tools and information on mental, physical and financial wellbeing
  • Flexible benefits – utilising the award-winning system, Darwin, so that individuals can select and administer their own benefits
  • Share plans – utilising Xerox’s award winning Shareplan platform, to manage and monitor employee share ownership and value
  • Total reward – showing the full worth of the reward package, with a complete overview of an employee’s pay and benefits.

Deacon continued: “We believe that employee benefits should be adaptable, accessible, engaging, and tailored to the needs of both employer and employee, especially as the boundaries between life and work become more blurred.

“We are seeing a growing attitude of responsibility amongst employers who strive to support their people on their career, health and wealth journey. Forward-thinking companies are showing a desire to engage and inform their workforce with impact, and give individuals the tools they need to self-manage and fulfil their ambitions.”