Brew a cuppa: Staff vote green tea as top hot drink

hot drinkSomething for the weekend: As a nation, it’s fair to say we are big fans of hot drinks; Britain is synonymous with a cuppa at this point. Nowhere is this more clear than in the workplace. Many workers have bonded over a cup of tea or coffee, providing various social, collaborative and wellbeing benefits. But have you ever wondered what is considered to be the top brew?

Well, according to a new National Tea Day (21 April) study, the UK’s top tipple is not the builder’s brew you might expect, but green tea, though black tea was ranked a close second, with the most popular varieties being English Breakfast and Assam, with chamomile, matcha and white tea taking up the other top spots.

When it comes to the all-important dipping, the UK’s favourite was found to be a chocolate cookie. Other biscuits that the study found to be popular were florentines, jammy dodgers and shortbread, while oat biscuits were the least favoured.

The analysis was collated by Just Eat for Business, which aimed to find out the nation’s favourite types of tea, flavour accompaniments and biscuits to coincide with this year’s National Tea Day.

Matt Ephgrave, managing director of Just Eat for Business, said: “Many workers have missed out on office socialisation over the last two years, perhaps due to a shift to remote working, or restrictions in social spaces, which was beneficial for fostering healthy work relationships, and promoting healthy breaks away from work.

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“Organising regular team building events centred around the British staple, like treating the team to an afternoon tea delivery or organising a tea tasting party, can do wonders for improving employee engagement and morale, even if it’s just making sure we’re taking regular tea breaks and having a chat over a cuppa.”

We at Employee Benefits feel that a good cuppa is a must, believing it to have many social and mental benefits, not least the chance to step away from our computer screens and strike up friendly conversations in the workplace. Put the kettle on for us, will you?