Asda searches for purrfect cat actor to star in Christmas advert

Christmas cat
Image credit: Mark Cornell

Something for the weekend: Retail organisation Asda is on the hunt for a talented cat actor to star in its upcoming Christmas advert, fulfilling the dramatic role of ‘Mr Grumbles’.

The war for the most heart-warming Christmas advert is on yet again, and retailer Asda is not kitten around, having announced that it is scouring the UK for a talented tabby to take the leading role in its festive promotions. Asda has been hosting auditions since last week (5 September 2019), in preparation for filming to kick off mid-September.

Championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Asda is screening cats of all shapes and sizes for the job opening, although the organisation does request that its feline starlet has plenty of personality, as its responsibilities will include acting grumpy, sullen, jubilant or joyful, as the role requires.

Although Asda could easily have selected an already established cat actor, the retailer wants to open up the talent pipeline to aspiring feline thespians.

Cat owners can enter their four-legged friends for this acting opportunity either by attending a casting call or via social media, submitting a photo with the hashtag #MrGrumbles.

Asda’s PR team tweeted: “We’re 110 days away from Christmas so we’ve launched the search for a festive feline star to take centre stage in our Christmas ad. Auditions [have] started and our creative team have been inundated with talented moggies for the role of Mr Grumbles. #auditions”

Here at Employee Benefits, we love that Asda is being inclusive in its search for Mr Grumbles, ensuring that cats across the country have the opportunity to take centre stage. We would definitely be up for helping Mr Grumbles with his lines…