Ascend Innovations employees take part in dress like their boss day

Ascend Innovations employeesSomething for the weekend: While it is important to have mutual respect between an employer and its employees, it doesn’t hurt to joke around every now and then. This is just what Jamaican event management and production firm Ascend Innovations has done, by taking part in a dress like their boss day.

In a video, which the brand posted to the platform TikTok and subsequently went viral, employees were shown dressing like their boss for work one day. Captioned “What’s all work with no play? We had a dress like our boss day without telling our boss”, the video explained that he always wore the same outfit: a pair of shorts, a T-shirt and sliders, as you might expect in the warm Jamaican weather.

Employees were seen entering the office wearing these three clothing items and seemed excited to surprise their boss when he arrived for the day.

When the employer walked into the office and saw that his team had dressed just like him, he seemed initially confused, but then starting laughing. He then jokingly asked if he was in the wrong building and if work had been cancelled due to their different outfits.

Viewers of the TikTok video flocked to the comment section to give their opinions on the dress like your boss day.

User @Bridgettemiller68 said: “This tells you have a beautiful relationship with your workers”, while @Lenisha August stated: “The fact that they all got on red t-shirts. They know him so well.

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Another user, @Lil Mawly, asked: “Where is this and how do I sign up”, and @NadieJNadie added: “It’s so good when a boss appreciates his workers.”

While this sounds like an amusing idea to us here at Employee Benefits, it really showcased the strong camaraderie between the employees and their employer, and put a smile on everyone’s faces.