Are you personalising the employee experience?

Have you ever been in a restaurant when one of the regular customers walks in? Not only does the waiter know her name, but knows her order too, personalising the customer experience. Is there any doubt in your mind that this is a loyal customer, that she will eat at the restaurant again and highly likely to recommend the restaurant to others?

This scenario isn’t exclusive to the restaurant industry. Businesses in all industries have always known the importance of providing high-quality customer service and that personalised services build loyal customers. In fact, in a recent survey, 77 percent of companies surveyed believe that providing real-time personalisation is crucial to business success.

Lack of Employee Engagement
Unfortunately, many of the same businesses that have found success investing in personalised services for their customers have failed to apply these same principles to their employer-employee relationships – and it shows with global engagement levels remaining low, according to Gallup.

While it seems clear that employers understand that there’s a disconnect between them and their employees, their investments to date have done little to improve employee engagement. Perhaps, the piece missing in the employee experience is the same factor that drives customer loyalty – personalisation.

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