Are company cars taking up too much of your time?

Audi A6 saloon

Being responsible for even a small fleet of cars or vans can take up a huge amount of time: sourcing vehicles, scheduling planned maintenance, dealing with emergencies, repairs, parking tickets, speeding fines and so on.

Additionally, unless you are ordering hundreds of vehicles, you won’t be getting the best discounts from the manufacturers and dealers. You’ll also be locked into one brand, when, in reality, a variety of makes and models might suit your business needs and colleagues more.

Would you like to be able to hand on all aggravation to a partner organisation and free up the time to focus on your core role? Affinity Leasing offer a free-to-join fleet management scheme with discounts of over 50% off a wide variety of makes and models on both cars and vans. All vehicles are delivered direct to your door and include a full manufacturer’s warranty: why pass this time consuming role to Affinity Leasing? Existing fleet terms can be taken over by, or transferred to, Affinity Leasing, and they will ensure that your organisation pays the lowest monthly amount for company vans, cars and executive vehicles.

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With no set-up costs, no minimum company size and getting up and running with minimal input from your organisation, this scheme will reduce company costs and free up much needed time with no downside. Your employees can drive heavily discounted cars and vans to suit their personal and professional needs and all the administration is handled by Affinity Leasing.

Contact Michelle Howles on 01299 269521 or email [email protected] to discuss how this scheme could benefit your company.