Aon and Gallagher sign up to Insurance Wellbeing Challenge

The new employee wellbeing app Myles Wellbeing has just launched The Broker Cup, an employee wellbeing challenge for workers in insurance this February.

The challenge is a free month long competition to promote inclusive and hassle-free wellbeing in the insurance industry.  The competition uses the Myles Wellbeing app and the team with the largest average amount of Smyles at the end of the month wins.

With big insurance firms such as Aon and Gallagher already signed up, the challenge aims to provide some serious competition for a top spot on the leaderboard. The February challenge also aims to help employers support their employees with leading healthy lives and reward them for doing so. If you’re in insurance you can sign up to the challenge here.

As the insurance companies battle it out for Smyles, they will be rewarded on both individual improvement as well as total effort, making it a level playing field for different fitness levels. The ‘total effort’ leaderboard looks at the total number of Smyles you’ve gained in a month whereas the ‘improvement’ leaderboard displays your improvement compared with your previous 3 months.

The app also normalises activities and sports so that everyone can see themselves on a fair leaderboard no matter how they exercise. Indeed the app’s inclusivity includes over 100 activity types and sports, so people can take part in whichever way works best for them while collecting Smyles.

Smyles are the points used in the Myles Wellbeing app. You earn Smyles through doing physical activity as well as completing challenges and earning trophies. Smyles are based on MET (Metabolic Equivalent Tasks) which allows Myles to assign a fair number value to different activities and sports, depending on the effort that is required for them.

The insurance challenge will help employees get to know people within their industry and ​​show employees that their employers care about wellbeing. The competition is free and the winning team who earns the most Smyles over the month wins a free team meal.