Anchor demonstrates commitment to care staff through real living wage

Later life residential care business Anchor employs more than 9,000 staff, including those working in care homes and across its housing locations, as well as central support such as IT and HR.

Providing a high quality service to its residents is an important part of Anchor’s proposition, particularly as the cost of living and immediate challenges being faced by employees become more acute. More than this, the business is looking to grow, and in order to do so healthily it recognises the importance of caring for its staff.

Kate Smith, executive director of business services at Anchor, says: “We’re committed to providing competitive rates of pay, an excellent range of benefits and outstanding opportunities to develop careers in a hugely fulfilling sector. We recognise that our achievements would not be possible without the efforts of our skilled and dedicated colleagues.”

To this end, Anchor announced in December 2021 that it would commit to paying the Living Wage Foundation’s real living wage, and would work towards gaining accreditation as a living wage employer. It commenced doing so across all national living wage hourly roles from 1 December.

“It shows as an employer we’re committed to paying our people what they need to live,” says Smith. “Living Wage accreditation is calculated based on the real cost of living rather than simply setting a notional minimum, so we know it is fair and realistic.”

Anchor has found the process to be well supported and straightforward, and highlighted the fact that if an employer is unable to pay the rate immediately, it simply has to create a three-year plan, which gives them something to work towards while demonstrating their commitment.”

By committing to pay the real living wage, which currently stands at £9.90 in the UK outside of London and £11.05 in the capital, Anchor hopes to continue attracting qualified and experienced staff, encourage high levels of regulatory compliance and occupancy, and support a sustainable and successful business.

“Achieving Living Wage accreditation signifies Anchor’s commitment to existing and potential colleagues and ensure that we’re recognised as an employer of choice; providing a great, inclusive place to work that attracts and retains talented and highly engaged colleagues ready to build careers with us,” Smith concludes.