Alternative Airlines enhances benefits with focus on wellbeing

alternative airlines

Flight search and booking organisation Alternative Airlines has launched an enhanced benefits package for its 70 members of staff, including flight credits worth up to £1,000 per year and a focus on employee wellbeing.

The business, based in Horley, introduced the benefits in July, in order to acknowledge the hard work of its team, implement rewards for long service, and attract new talent. The organisation reported revenue growth of 611% between 2020 and 2022, and plans to double its employee numbers over the next 12 months.

The flight credit allowance is based on length of service, and can be booked via the Alternative Airlines website.

In addition, the organisation has introduced wellness days, adding two days per year to employees’ existing leave allowances, specifically designated for supporting mental health and wellbeing. The employer has suggested that these days should be used for employees to do something for themselves, such as a spa break, a day of exercise or cooking class.

For every five years of service, employees are also entitled to a two-week sabbatical opportunity, which they can use for any purpose.

Shelley Tasker, head of operations and people at Alternative Airlines, said: “We’re very proud to have launched our new employee benefits. Our entire team is integral to all that Alternative Airlines continues to achieve and we wanted to celebrate this with a unique and special benefits package. This includes the gift of travel, with generous flight credit for each employee.

“It was also important to us that the new package aligns with our dedication to the wellness of our staff, with an emphasis on mental and physical health. From additional wellness days to surprises through the post, we want everyone to continue to feel supported and appreciated.”

Sam Argyle, managing director at Alternative Airlines, said: “Company perks are normally boring and vanilla. I’m really proud of our Alternative Airlines senior management team who created this new employee benefits package. It’s fun, travel focused and different.

“We want all our employees to be healthy, travel often and have a comfortable work-life balance. We also want to make working for Alternative Airlines as attractive and exciting as possible as we recruit across our business.

“This is a very exciting time for our business. Our team are experts in their fields, using their knowledge and passion to build and utilise the latest technology to help us transform the way that travellers globally book flights online. And we’re on the lookout to expand our team further, to help us drive the next stage of our growth.”