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NHS medical couriers’ £1 million holiday pay claim to be concluded

Next week, the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is set to represent 45 medical couriers in a landmark holiday pay claim worth more than £1 million, against NHS contractor The Doctors Laboratory (TDL). Dr Jason Moyer-Lee, general secretary at IWGB will represent the medical couriers, who are claiming that over the course of 20 […]

Beverley Sunderland: Does voluntary overtime count when calculating holiday pay?

Following a significant number of cases, which have gone to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and back, it is settled law that when calculating holiday pay, elements such as commission, guaranteed overtime and non-guaranteed overtime must be included. However, what about voluntary overtime? This can still form a large part of employees’ pay, so […]

Court of Appeal rules in favour of NHS staff in holiday pay dispute

On Monday 10 June 2019, the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of NHS employees working for the East of England Ambulance Service, finding that staff who regularly undertake overtime or work beyond their normal shifts should have these hours taken into account when calculating holiday pay. The case, N Flowers and others v East […]

Hermes offers 15,000 self-employed couriers holiday pay and guaranteed rates

Parcel delivery organisation Hermes has agreed a collective bargaining agreement with the trade union GMB for its 15,000 self-employed couriers, giving them the option to earn holiday pay and have a guaranteed rate of pay. The agreement, which has been designed to support the rights of self-employed individuals providing courier services to Hermes, enables workers […]

Byrne Bros to pay £250,000 in holiday pay relating to voluntary overtime

Byrne Bros is to pay more than 150 construction workers a total of approximately £250,000 in unpaid holiday pay. Employees at London-based projects Westfield in White City, The International Quarter in Stratford and 100 Bishopsgate issued a collective grievance, backed by trade union Unite, to secure payments of between £400 and £1,000 each. They are […]

James Medhurst: When to panic and when to relax about holiday pay

The November decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in King v Sash Windows Workshop and Dollar provoked the usual media panic about employees making historical holiday pay claims, dating back for several years. But the decision was unusual in that it considered a claim made using regulation 30 of the Working Time Regulations, a […]

Ed Stacey: Holiday pay for workers could place them in a better position than employees

This month saw the anticipated ruling from the European Court of Justice in the case of King vs Sash Windows Workshop. The key question in the case was whether a worker who fails to take paid annual holiday, due to their employer refusing to meet their obligation to provide it, can carry forward that entitlement […]

EU court rules workers are entitled to holiday pay for accrued annual leave

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that a retired worker can claim holiday pay for both unpaid or untaken annual leave accrued during his 13-year tenure. In the case, King v The Sash Window Workshop and Dollar, King worked as a window salesman on a self-employed, commission-only contract between 1999 and […]