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Half of employers say their organisation is great place to work

Just under half of employer respondents (465) believe their organisation is a great place to work, although just 31% of employee respondents would agree, according to research by MetLife UK. Its 12th annual UK Employee benefits trends survey, which surveyed 300 employers and 301 employees, also found that 39% of employer respondents believe their employees are loyal to them and 40% […]

Benefits help staff vote Gratterpalm great place to work

Advertising agency Gratterpalm’s latest annual staff survey has revealed that employees voted it a great place to work, partly due to its benefits provision. Gratterpalm’s benefits include private healthcare, childcare vouchers and flexible working. Employees also have the chance to spin the ‘wheel of fortune’ to win prizes that include an extra day of holiday, […]

Workplace Savings: Pensions given greater priority by employers

If you read nothing else, read this… • Auto-enrolment means all employers will be forced to offer a pension scheme to qualifying employees irrespective of any other benefits offered. • More and more employers are segmenting their workforces, offering more generous pension benefits to those that value them. • Reward budgets are being stretched, with […]

CBI calls for greater workplace flexibility

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called for greater flexibility in the workplace in order to foster economic growth, but opposes the scrapping of the retirement age. In a new report, Making Britain the Place to Work, the UK business group highlights the importance of the UK’s flexible labour market and the key role […]

A quarter of employees have taken holiday to deal with excessive workplace stress

A quarter (26%) of employees have taken paid time off or holiday leave to deal with excessive stress caused by work, according to research by Dolan Contractor Group. The survey of employees at 140 organisations also found that long work hours (41%) was the greatest cause for stress in the workplace, followed by pressure to […]

Wondering why only a fraction of your workers are engaged?

The Holy Grail for modern businesses isn’t money or monopoly anymore. It is the engaged employee. How exactly do you engage one, though? Most of us are familiar with the standard HR theories and recruiter case studies, so we thought we’d try a different angle this time. How about looking at employee engagement from an […]

Shaping benefits strategy for a future workforce

Need to know: Both the nature of work and the demographics of the workforce are changing, so a benefits strategy must be fit for future purpose in order to attract and retain talent. Generational differences are causing diverse wants and needs to emerge, which must be taken into account. However, some strategies, such as flexible […]

Get Your Workforce Ready for Time to Talk Day

Time to Talk Day is designed to encourage everyone to talk about mental health. 1/4 of us are affected by mental health problems and in fact all of us have mental health, yet for many it is still a taboo topic. Around 6,000 people a year take their own lives due to mental health difficulties. […]

Social recognition goes places top-down recognition can’t follow

Social recognition, or peer-to-peer recognition, brings more to your business than a traditional top-down approach to recognition. In this blog, we’ll outline what social recognition is, and why it has an edge over recognition that focuses on management-led recognition. Defining social recognition Social recognition does have some things in common with traditional recognition. It still […]

Harriet Calver: Prioritising employee wellbeing in the workplace

Work-related stress and anxiety are at a record high, and this is one of the top causes of long-term absence in the workplace, yet few organisations are taking steps to properly address the issue. The top priority for most employers is maximising profit; to achieve this, employers need their staff performing at their best. However, […]

Nationwide Building Society pilots return-to-work coaching programme for new mothers

Nationwide Building Society is piloting a new programme, provided by Return to Work, to give coaching to employees re-entering work following maternity leave, with a view to launching the scheme in full for its 17,000 employees later this year. This new programme enhances the benefits Nationwide already offers to working parents, such as extended maternity […]

How can workplace recognition impact employee mental health and wellbeing?

Need to know: In addition to boosting productivity and engagement, reward and recognition can be a key element of supporting mental wellbeing, making employees feel valued and supported, and reducing stress. Top-down and face-to-face recognition has added weight and authority, but peer-to-peer thanks can develop social cohesion, while digital platforms can ensure remote staff feel […]