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47% of staff worry about their work-life balance

New research has revealed that almost half (47%) of employees are worried about maintaining a work-life balance after returning to the office. Software and service business Advanced spoke to 1,058 employees in decision making roles working in UK organisations in the UK for its 2021 Workforce trends survey, and found that nearly one in three […]

86% of remote staff have better work-life balance

New research has revealed that four-fifths (86%) of employees felt they had a better work-life balance when working from home. A new European study by global workplace creation service Unispace combined the results of a survey of 3,000 office workers, 2,750 employers in leadership roles at organisations, with global senior leaders in real estate, HR […]

How can employers support the work-life balance of staff on their return to the workplace?

Employers have to demonstrate that they are listening, learning, and that the wellbeing of staff remains a number one priority. There is a need to focus on the positives of returning, such as increased productivity, less loneliness and improved communication. A more dispersed workforce also requires better technology to easily access, understand and choose benefits, […]

52% of UK staff do not have a good work-life balance

New research has highlighted that one in two (52%) UK employees admit that their work regularly eats into their personal life. Business and salary review website Glassdoor surveyed 2,017 UK full-time members of staff and found that nearly half (48%) took action to improve their blend of job and home during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, […]

The Secret to a Perfect Work-Life Balance

The perfect work-life balance is something we all strive to achieve. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Its prevalence in today’s work culture stems from COVID-19’s extensive impact on workplace wellbeing and how now, more than ever, we must look after our minds! In saying that, work-life balance has always been beneficial to […]

Aberdeen is the best UK city for work-life balance

New data has highlighted that Aberdeen in Scotland is the best UK city for work-life balance, with working hours and commute times under the UK average. UK lending and savings bank Shawbrook Bank carried out the research, which looked at career-orientated metrics to calculate the top places to work in the UK, including average salaries, […]

Data finds HR employees have good work-life balance

Human resources employees have reported one of the highest scores for work-life balance, according to figures on job review website Glassdoor. A survey of how staff rate their employers on Glassdoor, conducted on behalf of digital marketing agency Reboot Digital PR, revealed that the information technology sector (IT) has the highest ratings for work-life balance, […]

Dr Zofia Bajorek: What impact will the return to work have on employees’ work-life balance?

As the country continues its pathway out of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) lockdown, conversations have invariably turned to what a return to the workplace will look like, and what this means both in terms of the flexible working agenda and employee health and wellbeing. Some have labelled these last 18 months as the ‘working-from-home experiment’, and […]

David Wood: What impact will the return to work have on employees’ work-life balance?

Earlier in the year we asked our people for their feedback on how they’d found homeworking and their thoughts on what a return to the office could look like for them. Most people had really appreciated having the ability to work from home, and many said that they felt just as, or more, productive. People […]

Sarah Way: What impact will the return to work have on employees’ work-life balance?

While Herrco Cosmetics has employees working in the factory producing essential goods, we also have a number of employees working from home. Working from home has been our norm for years, and so having teams working in a hybrid way wasn’t unfamiliar to us when the pandemic hit. Having the technology in place to fully […]

Supporting work-life balance with employee benefits

The Mental Health Foundation ran a survey around work-life balance and found several indicators that an imbalance between the respondents time spent at work versus spending time on their personal life can cause significant problems. One of the biggest and most evident results was that the higher amount of hours a person works, the more […]