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Richard Morgan: EVP should meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce

With factors such as technology and employee demographics reshaping the workplace, businesses are changing rapidly. Thanks to the removal of the default retirement age, employees are staying in work for longer, with some organisations now boasting workforces spanning five generations. While there are numerous benefits, such as greater diversity and more retention of experience, this spread […]

How can employers cater to multi-generational workforces in their reward packages?

Need to know: Having a multi-generational workforce means catering to employees at every stage of adult life, but doing so can provide important dividends. Disability and care responsibilities are among the core issues for an ageing workforce and those in the ‘squeezed middle’, but resorting to stereotypes should generally be avoided. Wide-ranging packages and easily […]

Dr Yasin Rofcanin: Keeping multi-generational employees engaged and motivated

In a world where the war for talented employees is intense, managers have the important responsibility, and the challenging task, of keeping employees from multiple generations motivated and engaged at work. Factors such as advances in technology, increasing diversity and the growing mobility of the workforce shape how organisations should communicate with ‘new entrepreneurial employees’, […]

A multi-generational workforce presents challenges and opportunities

Few employers now will not have personal experience of having five generations of employees in the workplace – and the challenges and opportunities this presents. Certainly, having members of the baby-boomer generation, and the wealth of knowledge and experience they have amassed during their careers, working alongside members of generation Z who are entering the […]

In numbers: Benefits for a multi-generational workforce

A round-up of statistics on benefits for a multi-generational workforce. 30% of employer respondents offer age-related wellness programmes (Source: Mercer, October 2015) 69% of employers believe regular age discrimination checks and reviewing their pay and benefits from an age perspective are effective or very effective (Source: Mercer, October 2015) 45% of employers offer advice and support to […]

Evan Davidge: How to engage a multi-generational workforce with benefits

There are several different ways of cutting a multi-generational workforce but most research shows that there are five distinct age segments, ranging from traditionalists (1928-1944) to generation Zs (1995+). A lot has been written about the wants and needs of different generations in terms of how they perceive work and their attitudes towards employee benefits. […]

Top tips for communicating to a multi-generational workforce

Need to know: Targeted messages can help ensure communications are relevant, but they should not exclude any individuals or information. Organisations should take into account employee feedback and campaign data to determine whether an approach is effective for its particular workforce. Utilising a variety of communication channels enables employees to consume information in their preferred […]

Caring benefits for a multi-generational workforce

Need to know: Societal changes, especially the ageing workforce, means supporting working carers is a key issue for employers. Employers should take stock of caring requirements within their organisations to ensure staff receive relevant and valuable support. Well-tailored benefits packages could help an organisation to win the race to hire and retain talented staff. The changing […] to discuss multi-generational workforces

Online travel agency will discuss the ageing workforce and how employers can create a reward package to suit a multi-generational workforce at Employee Benefits Live 2015. Luke Sondelski, global manager, compensation and benefits at, will speak at a session entitled ’From Gen Y to the ageing workforce: developing effective reward strategies for different […]

Alere refreshes benefits for multi-generational workforce

Alere is refreshing its employee benefits programme in the UK in order to increase engagement and provide more choice for the different generations within its workforce.  The diagnostic device and service provider will enhance and expand its existing benefits package from September 2015. This will include the launch of new lifestyle and wellbeing schemes, such as corporate […]

Busy Bees Benefits: How Will Benefits Evolve Over The Next Decade?

In recent years, many employers have been increasingly focused on benefits that promote wellbeing, boost retention, attract talent and, in turn, help them to secure better performance and employee engagement. However with the outbreak of the coronavirus combined with a recession and the changing working population, will this remain the same? The real challenge for […]