87% launches Mental Wellbeing Manifesto – a call for radical change to mental health care processes

We are at the point of crisis. We are faced with a pandemic of seismic proportions; one that a vaccine can’t cure – mental ill health.

The topic of mental ill health has been stigmatised and swept under the rug for too long. Yet Covid-19 has thrust this issue into the spotlight. Proprietary data shows how wellbeing scores across 87%’s thousands of users are declining (meaning deteriorating mental health) in metrics such as anxiety, fatigue and work stress as a result the uncertainly, insecurity and isolation Coronavirus has caused. In some cases these drops are drastic; as much as 20% since March 2020.

Yet, even without the virus, one in four will still suffer from a mental health issue. And only 13% of adults report living with high levels of good mental health. That’s why we exist – to support the 87%.

So, why has it taken a global pandemic to shine a light on such an enormous problem?

Something has to change and NOW. Unfortunately, traditional reactive, curative measures simply do not work. We have to adopt a radical new approach – one that is proactive and preventative – and this starts with business.

Philanthrocapitalism is the idea that business is about far more than profits. Businesses have a duty to invest in the wellbeing of their people, their families and future generations. Meanwhile, Government has a duty to make this statutory.

The ONLY way to do this is through digital platforms that provide businesses and individuals with the means of undertaking confidential clinical assessments and the resulting data, which provides insights to employers and employees on how to make improvements.

Our Chairman, Richard Glynn, has set out the radical changes that need to be implemented in a ten-point manifesto which is available to read here: