5 Stories to Inspire Employee Benefits Success

By Ren Patel, client success director


Ren Patel here – Client Success Director at Reward Gateway. I lead our UK Client Success team, who love working with our clients and want to be a part of introducing an engagement solution, to help better attract, engage and retain their employees. One of the ways we do that is through our benefits programmes. I believe that innovative benefits, especially low-cost ones, are some of the most valuable and exciting tools available to HR professionals. Developing your employee benefits programme is a critical opportunity to wow and engage your employees — and that’s a winning combination any HR professional (or business) would love to achieve. So how important are the benefits you offer? The short answer is that they’re incredibly important! The right kind of benefit can help increase employee satisfaction and engagement, and can be a top consideration for candidates when deciding whether to work for you or one of your competitors.

It can also improve your retention rates as you offer more exciting benefits and develop new benefits that cater to the shifting needs of your workforce, while providing a tangible ROI on investments in improving your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Reward Gateway offers a variety of different benefits that many of our 1,800 clients offer to their people to improve engagement, while increasing the ROI of their overall HR or engagement initiatives.

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