5 examples of creative award nomination programmes

Strategic nomination programmes offer a wide range of flexibility for companies that are looking for measurable ways to drive business forward. They’re highly configurable, so there are many ways in which you can leverage them.

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You can control the evaluation process, you can control the budget, you can even control things like who is able to nominate for a specific programme at a specific time. Here are a few examples of nomination programmes run by our client base to get the wheels turning:

  • A quarterly ‘Shine Recognition Programme,’ where nominations are set to £0 and auto-approved so they appear on the social recognition wall, so others can celebrate accomplishments. Monetary awards are then distributed to the winners. The programme is even more cohesive with star-studded designs on the nomination forms and award eCards!
  • Multi-layered nomination programmes, such as an Annual Award for top-tier nominees, a quarterly award for those who go above and beyond and live core values, and an annual Innovation Award where employees can submit ideas to accelerate business goals.
  • Employee and Manager of the Year awards to reward outstanding talent at all levels.
  • An award for best young achiever (25 and under) to encourage awards that will retain top ambassadors at the early stages of their careers and build long-lasting tenure.
  • Creatively named programmes such as ‘Nailed it,’ which is from a power tool supplier

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