36% of UK HR professionals feel equipped to balance people function’s needs

HR practitioners people functionJust one-third (36%) of UK HR practitioners feel equipped to balance the needs of their organisation’s people function, according to research by employee experience platform Culture Amp.

Its survey of 9,900 HR professionals worldwide, including 304 in the UK, in conjunction with behaviour change platform Thrive Global, also found that 47% of global respondents felt their team is equipped to balance the needs of their organisation’s people function, compared to 38% during 2020 and 2021, and 42% in 2023.

Despite an 11% surge in global HR practitioners’ perceived resilience, from 46% to 57% from 2022 to 2023, the findings highlighted a 1% fall to 45% globally in 2024. Meanwhile, UK HR professionals’ resilience levels rose to 64% in 2024 from 58% in 2023.

In addition, less than half (48%) of global HR practitioners said they can switch off effectively from work to make time for rest. In the UK, only 41% agreed, despite 73% feeling they are supported effectively by the people around them.

The survey also found that HR professionals’ employee experience remains below global benchmarks for their peers in other management roles. Overall, six in 10 globally believe they are making a positive difference to their organisation, with 59% UK respondents agreeing with the statement.

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Arne Sjőstrőm, lead people scientist at Culture Amp, said: “After several years in fire-fighting mode, HR professionals have had to continue navigating a challenging and volatile market with job layoffs, return-to-office mandates, and greater scrutiny of people initiatives. It’s not surprising to see these demands ramp up pressures on people teams that are caught between limited resources and the growing demands from executives and employees alike.

“It’s essential that organisations support HR teams’ wellbeing to help deliver positive work environments, engage employees and strategies for enhanced productivity. Compromising HRs’ resilience will only hurt organisational cultures, workforce engagement, and ultimately, the profitability of employers.”