11 Creative global benefits ideas

As the saying goes, if we had a £1, €1 or $1 for every occasion we had been asked if a benefit offered in one territory was ‘standard’ across other regions, we would be very happy. As you would expect, we have seen a number of benefits that at first glance may seem overly generous or unusual, but are actually common in that particular region.

When you embark on the rollout of a global benefits platform, the first stage is to audit what you already have in place in all your locations. This is a great opportunity to benchmark your benefits against local expectations, so you know that you are competitive and keeping up with market changes. In addition, this gives you the confidence to either manage local employees’ expectations or to address gaps with a business case to expand local benefits.

We’ve looked at the importance of balancing a global benefits strategy with local requirements. But we’re also often asked to share the innovative ideas and initiatives we’re seeing around the world which are helping employers become a leading place to work.

With this in mind, we wanted to share with you some of the interesting benefits that we have seen and implemented on OneHub.

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